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2nd Quarter, Friday, June 27, 2008

Minutes taken by Capt. Bobby Rees

The membership drive was a complete success. We have increased our official membership. Many of our supporters communicate through email. Our “Email Distribution List” has well over 200 email addresses. We send out emails as a BCC “Blind Carbon Copy” to protect the individual email addresses. If you would like to be removed from this distribution list, please send an email to the following email and your name will be removed.

If you were a member or joined by paying the membership dues you were eligible for the Level 2 door prize. Level 2 = Value $25.00 or greater

We would like to thank the following companies and individuals for the Level 1 and Level 2 door prizes that were presented:

1. West Marine = Bob Murphy, Manager Washington Store

a. Cockpit Table, Chairs, and Bag

a. Level #2 ============== Donation of Bag Table Set and Chairs

b. Associate Member = Bill Jackson

c. Level #1 =============== Boat Soap and Wash Mitt

d. Capt Carl Mischica

2. Washington Jewelers = Capt Jim Fortescue

a. Level #2 ============== Nautical Jewelry

b. Sterling Silver “Lighthouse Necklace”

c. Capt Don Dunlap

3. Taft Office & Equipment = Capt Jay Taft

a. Level #2 ============== Gift Certificate

b. West Marine Gift Certificate = Value $25.00

c. Capt Mac Cox

4. Pamlico Distributing Co = Bill Gravely, Capt Athalia Gravely, Capt Steve Gravely

a. Level #2 ============== Imported Wine

b. Two (2) Liter Bottle of Barefoot Merlot Wine

c. Capt Carl Mischica

5. Pamlico River Sea Tow = Capt Mike Smith, Capt Larry Williams

a. Level #2 ============== Sea Tow Membership

b. Annual Membership = Towing, Emergency, etc

c. Associate Member = William Sykes

6. Pamlico Distributing Co = Bill Gravely, Capt Athalia Gravely, Capt Steve Gravely

a. Level #2 ============== Imported Wine

b. Two (2) Liter Bottle of Barefoot Merlot Wine

c. Associate Member = Mark Dodge

7. Greenville Marine = Ms Ann Vernelson

a. Level #1 ============== Key Chain for boats

b. Boat Cushion

c. Associate Member = Capt Mike Smith

8. Park Boat Company = Austin Smithwick

a. Boat Emergency Safety Kit + Flashlight

b. Associate Member =

9. Hatteras Yachts = Eric Cashion, Marketing Manager

a. Level #2 ==============

b. Low profile with Sweat Band Bill Cap for boating

c. All meeting attendees received one of these great boating caps.

10. World Wide Marine Training = Capt Larry Walker

a. Level #2 ============== Class for Commercial Assistant Towing Endorsement Coarse

11. Dodge Marine Railway = Mark Dodge

a. Level #2 ============== Class III PFD + Reel Lube

b. Associate Member = Capt Mac Cox



The following items were on the Agenda:

1. Nautical Tip Capt Mike Smith

2. Minutes of Previous Meeting Capt Bobby Rees

Copies available = See Website

3. Officers Reports:

a) President Capt Joe Sizemore = N/A

b) Vice President Capt Melinda Carver = N/A

c) Secretary Capt Bobby Rees = Minutes from 0108 Meeting

d) Treasurers Capt Joe Sizemore = N/A

Capt Scott Cousins collected membership dues

And issued receipts

4. Old Business:

The Maritime Consortium, Inc. = A random drug testing program

1. M-PAK [Maritime Post Accident Kit] = (Effective June 20, 2006) [Section 4-06-1(b)] Chemically Testing of each crew member following a Serious Maritime Incident

a. Website =

b. See examples below

c. Check with other Captains that have gone through the process to minimize your time in obtaining the required documents if you plan to use your license in a business situation. The Hobucken Coast Guard has confirmed that the “Drug Card”, “TWIC Card” and “Your Original License” (with raised seal) will be required to be in your possession and on board if carrying passengers for hire.

5. New Business:

a) TWIC CARD = New Requirements = Official Ruling

USCG Licensed Captains = Have to have TWIC Card

“Transportation Worker Identification Credential” Card

b) Website:



10. Speakers:

a. Bill Sykes – DWOW = Harbor Management Proposal

Ross Hamory – President = DWOW = Not able to attend

(Downtown Washington On the Waterfront)

Associate member Bill Sykes gave a very informative presentation on the proposal that was scheduled to be presented to the City of Washington Planning Board. This was done and the Planning Board voted to present the Washington Harbor Plan to the City Council. The Washington City Council after hearing public comments has voted to review and implement parts of the plan in “Modules”. With the current slips, the permitted slips for the Moss Landing Residentional Development, the Park Boat Company Dry Stack Boat Storage, and the Proposed Mooring Field could result in over four hundred (400) possible boat slips in the downtown area of Washington in the very near future.



b. John Pack – Beaufort County Emergency Management

Discussed the most recent county emergency “The Evans Road Fire” in

Eastern Beaufort County. The coordination of resources seemed overwhelming as John described the effort to attack and control this fire. If the wind has shifted, in certain directions, it had the potential to isolate certain areas of the county. He indicated that evacuation by water could be a possibility under certain circumstances due to an area that could be blocked off by a fire in the future. Specific training would be required, by individuals if called upon by the County.

Chief Mac Morgan = “North Carolina Canine Emergency Response Team” (NCCERT) was in attendance. John Pack discussed how this organization was a resource to the County and Sherriff’s Department. The training of this volunteer organization allowed its members utilizing dogs and specialized equipment to locate missing persons. Once located other teams, EMTs, Divers, etc. would then, take charge of the situation and recovery.


NCCERT = Recently was called upon to use their “Side Scanning Sonar” that is stationed in Bath, NC to assist in the recent Chocowinity Bay incident, where unfortunately, a young man jumped from a boat and never returned to the surface. Beaufort County is very fortunate to have this equipment and local members of this statewide organization available in this area.

In this area, we might mention the date of the next meeting.