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NC-USCG Licensed Captain Association

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TWIC Card Extension of Requirements

Deadline for this documentation is extended to 15 APR 2009

After that time you will be required to have a TWIC Card in your possession when your licenses is being used on a professional


  • Go on website and create a Login name and password Password must start with a capital letter and have letters and numbers in it .Once you are set up with a login and PW, then you can start the process. Website links will carry you through the process. There is a separate link for the TWIC and USCG.
  • Schedule your first of two (2) appointments with the Morehead City TWIC processing Center.

At TWIC processing Center (Takes about 20 minutes)

  • Present your documents
  • fill out form,
  • Picture is taken,
  • All finger prints are taken

Wait is approx 4 – 6 weeks. Fees are $105.25 for $132.50

Contact  site:

Random Drug Testing Program

Several members of the North Carolina United States Coast Guard Licensed Captains Association are using Maritime Consortium, Inc. to fulfill USCG randome drug testing requirements

Contact information:   800-775-6985

Sign up tips.

  • Create a company name and then list yourself as an employee
  • Cost is approx $60.00 Per Year = (Sole Operator)
  • Drug Screening Center New Bill’s Hot Dogs (at the Mall beside the Christian Book Store)

Scheduled Events

1st Qtr Meeting is Friday March 28

Washington Fire Department – Station # 1

Market & Fifth Street

2nd Qtr Meeting is Friday June 27

Washington Fire Department – Station # 2

Fifteenth Street – Hwy 264 West

3rd Qtr Meeting is Friday August 15 

 Washington Fire Department – Station # 2

Fifteenth Street – Hwy 264 West

4th Qtr Meeting is Friday November 28

Washington Fire Department – Station # 2 –

Fifteenth Street – Hwy 264 West